How do I start?

To use the app, first you need to catalog your closet.
Once you catalog your closet, you can create your own Lookbook/Style Calendar or press Style Me button in the center to get outfit ideas from our stylists and other members. You don't have to catalog all your closet to use this feature, but it will be more personalized if you do.

Who styles me?

You are styled by our professional stylists or other members.

Can I make my closet private?

Yes, you can make some items/looks (or all items/looks) private. However, remember that if you put a private item in a list or a look that is not private, other people would be able to see it when they see the look/list.

How do I add my own clothes to the app?

You can add clothes to your closet by going to Closet tab, then press the + Add button on the upper right corner.